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I help multi-passionate creatives clarify, prioritize, and focus so they can stop overthinking and start taking action. 

D'Ana Joi


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Inspired by the Multi-Passionate Mastery podcast and its community of listeners, this Club is a space to celebrate ALL of who you are while helping to improve your focus, build your confidence, and grow your network.

Hey lovely

I'm Joi! I'm the person at the table who will send their meal back if they don't like it.

I vow to never give you blanket statement advice or pretend that being multi-passionate is a choice. I know you have a deep desire share your gifts, and I'm not going to pump you up with empowerment content only to leave you with zero *actual* steps to take.

Here you'll learn practical tools that will help you bring your Next Big Idea forward without overthinking or overworking.

“The coaching world hadn't felt like the right fit for me until now."

- Jocelyn Mackenzie

Honestly, the coaching world has historically not felt like the right fit for me, but after listening to your podcast and seeing the benefits of your practices in real time, it was undeniable.

I decided to take the plunge and invest in the program because I finally felt ready to invest in MYSELF.

If there was nothing 'wrong with me' as a multi-passionate, and there was someone out there who not only understands that but WALKS THE WALK of how to treat your passions like a gift and not a burden, I couldn't NOT go for it! And I'm so glad I did!

"I've tried it all and nothing sticks like this."

- Chanel carter

I've tried time blocking. I've tried bullet journals. I've tried making the Google calendar pretty.

I've tried it all and it doesn't stick like the method that's taught inside of this program. 

Knowing that I can go through the rest of my life creating priorities (and staying focused!) over and over and over again, using the same simple framework is such a game changer. It's the best investment I've made in myself thus far. 

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