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5 Signs That You’re a Multi-Passionate Creative

November 22, 2019

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I’m a proud multi-passionate creative and the first time I heard that term, I literally got chills down my spine. That’s one way to tell if you’re a multi-passionate. The combination of words alone will give you that “finally- I know what to call myself!” feeling.

But how else can you tell if you’re a multi-passionate creative, rather than a person who simply has many interests?

I’m so glad you asked! Let’s dive into 5 ways to tell if you’re a multi-passionate creative.

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5 Signs You're a Multi-Passionate Creative, Joi Knows How Blog

5 Signs That You’re a Multi-Passionate Creative


1. You not only have many interests but many talents.


It’s one thing to be curious about many subjects, it’s another to be genuinely good at almost everything you pursue. The latter is what makes you a multi-passionate creative. You tend to be good at almost anything creative that you put your focus on and you’re constantly uncovering new skills. 

If you have trouble figuring out what line of work you should go into because your skillset is ever-growing, “multi-passionate” belongs on your resume. 

2. You’re triggered by the phrase:

“Jack of all trades, master of none.”


Shade much? If you’re a multi-passionate creative, the jack of all trades quote is a major buzzkill. It feels like an insult because that “master of one” part feels unattainable for you.

Check this out though. The FULL saying reads: “Jack of all trades master of none but oftentimes better than master of one.” 

So, the next time someone tries to pull the jack of all trades card, you’ve got your comeback ready. 


3. Choosing one thing feels like torture


If someone asks, “what do you do?” and you don’t know which of your “things” to lead with because saying only one feels like a kind of lie, you’re a multi-passionate creative. 

Multi-passionates feel empowered when we can openly share the various projects we’re working on or creative outlets we’re inspired by. Withholding and sharing only part of “what we do” is our way of making whoever we’re talking to feel more comfortable, not because it’s the truth.

Similarly, if you’re a multi-passionate creative, when you’re sharing your dreams and aspirations with those around you and they respond with, “Oh that’s great! So which one are you going to pursue because you can’t do them all,” you’ll break out in a sweat.

Nothing puts pressure and stress on a multi-passionate creative like being asked to choose one thing, because, again, we’re genuinely skilled in many areas. 

Our process of “choosing” looks different than most. We need time to dabble, explore, and express ourselves in multiple ways before we can settle on one thing. Even then, our “one thing” tends to be a combination of a few creative outlets at a time.


4. You have an inherent desire to share your gifts


Finally, if you’re a multi-passionate creative, at some point along your journey, you’ll have an intense desire to share your gifts with the world.

You may want to tour with your band and also publish research papers. You’ll want to start a blog, and also fantasize about opening your own restaurant.

Your gifts yearn to be expressed and it can sometimes feel like there isn’t enough opportunity in this lifetime to do it all. I can describe that feeling so well because I spent years feeling this way and still do sometimes!

If you feel like you have all the gifts but lack of focus or time to see them through, you are a multi-passionate creative.


5. You struggle with prioritization and focus


I don’t mean to be a downer, but one of the realities of accepting that you’re a multi-passionate creative is knowing where you may need some additional support. I’ve surveyed hundreds of multi-passionates in my community and the top things they struggle with are having clear priorities, and staying focused on their priorities once they choose them.

This is also something that I struggled with for a long time! Then I created The Priority Mapping Method– it’s a simple 3 part framework that will help you finally have answers to questions like:

Which idea should you start with first?

How can you stay focused without getting distracted?

How can you do more than one thing without burning out?

If you want answers to those questions, check out my FREE training! You’ll learn how to bring your ideas to life on a completely stress-free timeline as a multi-passionate. Sign up below for instant access.

free training for multi-passionates, how to create priorities and finish your projects




Okay, Let’s Recap


5 Signs That You Are Multi-Passionate Are…

  1. You not only have many interests but many talents.
  2. You’re triggered by the phrase: “Jack of all trades, master of none.”
  3. Choosing one thing feels like torture
  4. You’re a master at creative problem solving
  5. You struggle with prioritization and focus


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