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How to Create a Grounding Ritual Using Crystals

May 25, 2018

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As you may know from my post “How to Start a Crystal Collection,” I play with crystals on a daily basis, for many reasons.  A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram about a grounding ritual that I created for myself using crystals. So many people commented on the post and asked if I could create a blog post on the subject of grounding ourselves in this way. I was thrilled to get so much positive feedback! Ask and you shall receive. Keep reading to find out how I created a grounding ritual for myself using crystals and how you can too.

What does it mean to be grounded?

Before we get into creating a grounding ritual, let’s talk about what it means to be “grounded.” Being grounded means that you have a deep connection to your core and you feel a sense of balance and calm within yourself, even when the circumstances of life get hectic. Feeling grounded is a feeling of having your energy be in a balanced state. Most of us lead busy lives: appointments to keep, perhaps children to take care of, work obligations, making time for our passions and so on. Being grounded means that we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture in the midst of life happening all around us. To be grounded is to be introspectively in touch with ourselves. It allows us more freedom to sway where the wind blows because we know that at any time we are deeply rooted in who we are. We know that we can always return to our center and keep our energy calm and balanced. The best way I can describe it is with this adage:Image-1 (6)How to Create a Groudning Ritual Using Crystals | This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything from them, there is no extra cost to you. I simply make a small commission from the sale which allows me to keep my blog up and running. Thank you for supporting

What is a grounding ritual?

A grounding ritual is a practice you can develop for yourself whenever you feel the need to re-center and balance your energy. Your grounding ritual can be whatever you want it to be. There is no right or wrong way to bring ourselves back into alignment. I am sharing my grounding ritual as inspiration for you to create your own. Feel free to take my any ideas from my practice that resonate with you.  I allowed my intuition to guide me as to what my mind and body needed to feel more centered. Here’s what happened:

First, I stood barefoot on the earth as I watered my garden. I felt my feet on the ground and pondered the flowers and veggies that I was watering. I observed the way that everything flourishes when it is rooted to the ground.

Next, I smudged myself with sage to cleanse my energy and gathered a bowl of grounding crystals (more on this later). I put a blanket outside on the grass and placed the crystals on my legs with place quartz clusters around my feet to amplify the energy. Singing bowls are is another wonderful tool for energy alignment. I spent time playing it and meditating to the sound. (Singing bowls also charge crystals.)

How to Use Crystals to Feel More Grounded |

I laid in the sun and imagined an energetic ray of light flowing from the top of my head all the way to my feet. I felt the weight of my body sinking into the earth and repeated the mantra: Grounding affirmation | Joi-Knows-How.comAfter I felt complete with meditating with the crystals on my legs, I sat up in half lotus position and placed my grounding crystals on my feet by letting them rest between the sole of my foot and my inner thigh. Our feet are where the energy of the root chakra emanates from. The root chakra is what helps us to feel connected and grounded. This is why I specifically wanted to spend time charging my feet with the crystals to strengthen my root chakra. The large quartz point is aiming at my foot to amplify the energy of all the other crystals. I took turns doing this with each foot while breathing deeply and repeating the mantra.How to Create a Grounding Ritual Using Crystals |

I also made a batch of “Magic Water.” To do this I wrote the affirmation “I am grounded” on a small sheet of paper and put it on a plate. I placed a jar of filtered water on top. Then, I surrounded the jar with Carnelian pieces as well as the other crystals I had been meditating with. I placed the plate directly on the ground and let the sun charge it for several hours. I left the water in the middle of the plate with crystals around it for 24 hours. As I spoke about in my post,  How to Start a Crystal Collection, water molecules are very intelligent and can be programmed by the vibrations of the crystals, as well as the affirmation underneath. I drank my magical grounding water the following day.

After taking some time to stand barefoot on the earth, meditate with grounding crystals, make a batch of magic water, and repeat the mantra, I felt much more steady, rooted, centered, and grounded. Taking time to slow down and give back to ourselves is so powerful!

When should you have a grounding ceremony?

As I mentioned earlier, life gets hectic sometimes. As for me, I can get to the point where I am juggling quite a bit. I recently started my career as a substitute teacher, I’m working hard to make a success, I’m very active on social media, I just started writing guest posts for other blogs, I sing live on Sundays for my Sunday Serenade, I recently started my Joi Knows How product line and am working on my Etsy store, to mention just a few projects. This is all in addition to taking time to cook healthy meals and fit some movement into my routine. Oh, and be a good girlfriend, daughter, and friend and growing spiritually. Needless to say, with so much going on I can start to feel overwhelmed. even though I love everything that I’m doing, I am in a constant state of giving of myself. The need to get grounded comes when I’m in the cycle of giving, giving, giving, without taking time to re-center and give back to myself. You don’t have to have as much going on as I do to crave a little grounding. Perhaps you’ve been attending event after event without a chance to recharge, or social media has got you feeling drained. No matter the case, anytime you start to feel a disconnect from your inner self, it’s time to slow down and get grounded.

In short, it’s time to have a grounding ceremony if:

  • You feel energetically drained as if even the longest nap could not refresh you.
  • You have been spending a lot of time around others, without having time to be in solitude.
  • You take care of many other people in your life and need to pause to care for yourself.
  • You have recently attended a large event where you were around large groups of people.
  • You feel cranky for “no reason” and can’t figure out why.
  • You want to practice self-care in a new way.

Crystals to Use for Grounding

Crystals to Use for Grounding |

There are several crystals that hold properties associated with being grounded, centered and balanced. Here are the crystals I used in my ceremony. I always add clear quartz to the mix because it increases the energy of other stones.

Carnelian: “Carnelian grounds and anchors you in the present reality. A stabilizing stone with high energy, it is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation, and for stimulating creativity…It sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy.” –The Crystal Bible

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Hematite: “Hematite is particularly effective at grounding and protecting. It harmonizes mind. body and spirit…Mentally, Hematite stimulates concentration and focus.” –The Crystal Bible

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Smokey Quartz: “Smoky Quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones and at the same time raises vibrations during meditation. This stone is a superb antidote to stress…Smoky Quartz teaches you how to leave behind anything that no longer serves you.” –The Crystal Bible

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Black Obsidian: “Black Obsidian is a very powerful and creative stone. It grounds the soul and spiritual force…Black Obsidian is protective. It facilitates the release of old loves and provides support during change.” –The Crystal Bible

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Tiger’s Eye: “Tiger’s Eye combines the earth energy with the energies of the sun to create  high vibrational state that is nevertheless grounded, drawing the spiritual energies to earth.” –The Crystal Bible

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Goldstone: “This powerful grounding stone is a must-have for those moments when you feel overwhelmed by toxic emotions and negative thought patterns. Regardless of the chaos going on in your head, hold tight to the Goldstone and immediately feel a strong connection to the earth and is healing vibrations.” –

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Red Jasper: “Jasper is known as the ‘Supreme Nurturer.’ It sustains and supports during times of stress, and bring tranquility and wholeness. Used in healing, it unifies all aspects of your life…It provides protection and grounds energies and the bodies.” –The Crystal Bible

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More Ideas for Getting Grounded 

Perhaps you want to get grounded but do not yet have a crystal collection to support you. Not to worry, here are a few additional ideas that you can do anytime.

How to Get Grounded When Life Gets Hectic |

Spend time amongst the rocks. You can do this easily by going on a hike or a nature walk. As you walk in the mountains, on the trails, or past the rocks upon your path, observe how they are strong enough to carry all the life-force happening among them, yet they remain still, calm, and at peace. Feel your feet as they tap on the ground beneath you. Feel how solid the earth is and ponder how effortlessly it holds you. Allow your connection to the earth to deepen as you observe the rocks among you. Let them teach you.

Stand barefoot outside. This was the first step in my ritual and it’s worth mentioning again. Standing barefoot on the earth is said to bring us into balance with the grounding rhythms of the earth itself. Take off your socks and shoes, find a patch of grass or dry dirt (or wet mud, if that’s your thing), and stand firmly upon the ground. Take a deep breath and feel the soles of your feet making contact with the earth. Close your eyes and imagine roots flowing out of the bottom of your feet and into the ground. If you want, you can also imagine this as a stream of light flowing down from your feet and into the earth. Stay in this visualization for as long as feels good for you. This is also a great time to repeat the mantras: I am centered. I am grounded.

Use grounding affirmations. Stay tuned for my next post where I will be sharing a list of grounding affirmations that you can use anytime to help you feel more grounded.


How Create a Grounding Ritual Using Crystals |

How to Create a Grounding Ritual Using Crystals |

How to Create a Grounding Ritual Using Crystals

Now you have the tools you need to create a grounding ritual anytime you want to re-center, refocus and bring your energy into a calm balanced state. It is my sincere hope that you found this helpful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Do you think you’ll create a grounding ritual of your own? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, stay grounded.

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