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6 Self-Care Tips for Newbie Entrepreneurs

September 1, 2021

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Newbie Entrepreneur | Self-Care | Multi-Passionate


Being a newbie entrepreneur is both exciting and terrifying. You learn a TON about yourself in a short period of time, and will often marvel at your resilience, ability to take risks, and willingness to continue to show up for the business you’re starting.

But let’s be real, it ain’t always pretty. There’s also a slew of why the f*ck am I doing this again?! Moments, ugly cries, and the very tempting option of just curling up on the couch and binge-watching Pose, again.

Moreover, it can be difficult to remember that there is a world that exists beyond your laptop, let alone sustain intimate relationships, and practice self-care.

I won’t pretend that I’ve got the whole self-care as an entrepreneur thing figured out, but I do want to take a look back on my past 6-months of entrepreneurship and let you know what’s been working for me.


6 Self-Care Tips for Newbie Entrepreneurs

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Newbie Entrepreneur Self-Care Tip no. 1:

Focus on the lifestyle you’re creating

My best days start with sipping coffee and looking at my vision book. Yes, vision book, not vision board. Maybe I’ll dedicate an entire post to how to create a vision book later, but that’s not the point for now.

What I’m getting at is that starting my day by looking at my vision book helps me to focus on the lifestyle I’m creating, rather than solely focusing on the tasks I need to complete on any given day. This is especially important as a multi-passionate!


Self care tips for new creative entrepreneurs, vision board, multi-passioante, joi knows how, D'Ana Joi

Having this big picture vision has been extremely supportive in my self-care as a newbie entrepreneur because it anchors me back to my bigger “why” when everything else around me starts to feel overwhelming.

Tip: Create a vision book to look at each morning before you begin your workday. Not into the vision board vibe? Use a digital vision board as your desktop screensaver!

Newbie Entrepreneur self-Care Tip no. 2:

Celebrate wins along the way


At the beginning of the creative entrepreneurship journey, there are so many emotions. Excitement, fear, imposter syndrome, oh my! And these are the emotions we tend to fixate on. You may spend an entire morning moping over your lack of productivity, or night and after night feeling the pangs of loneliness because nobody in your personal life understands what you’re doing.

But I have no doubt that there have also been moments where you basked in the afterglow of your own brilliance after showing up for your client on a coaching call. Or the sense of accomplishment you felt after finally launching your podcast. How boss you felt after filing for your LLC, or (insert your celebratory milestone here).

Sometimes we focus so much on those challenging moments that we forget to celebrate the exciting ones.

Self care tips for new creative entrepreneurs, celebrate yourself, multi-passioante, joi knows how, D'Ana Joi

One thing I’ve been practicing intentionally as a newbie entrepreneur is celebrating my success along the way. This is extremely important! If you can’t remember the last time you celebrated a milestone in your business, then this is your invitation to start doing so immediately.

Tip: Need some ideas for celebrating yourself? I got you. Download my complimentary 30 Ways to Celebrate Yourself guide below!

30 ways to celebrate yourself download the guide graphic

Newbie Entrepreneur self-Care Tip no. 3:

Hangover-Free Weekends


This self-care tip isn’t meant to throw shade at anyone who loves a good cocktail.

I personally enjoy drinking in moderation as well! However, I don’t like losing a full day to nursing a hangover. As a newbie entrepreneur, every day counts.

Don’t get me wrong, taking a day off to rest is a wonderful practice but, if you’re self-sabotaging by drinking so much that you lose a whole day to a hangover, that’s a problem that we need to nip in the bud right now.

It was a foggy Saturday afternoon when I came to this realization.

I stumbled out of the bedroom, finally ready to eat something. I made a slice of toast, grabbed a banana, and reached for a strawberry Power Aid in the fridge. Then I sat on the couch and said out loud “Hm, I’m starting to wonder if I’m drinking as much as I do just to have an excuse to rest for an entire day.”

And that was that! I decided to make a commitment to giving myself days off with intention, instead of because of hangovers.


As a newbie entrepreneur, your business can take over your life. These are 6 self-care tips will keep you centered and grounded.

Even though I’m drinking less (once a month or so), I haven’t found this to be a challenging change to make.

In fact, I still enjoy an evening glass of alcohol-free wine. Yes, you read that right! I love Surely’s wines because they’re not a wine substitute, they’re real high-quality wines with the alcohol removed. 

They’re crisp, clean, and feel like you’re drinking an expensive bottle. I especially love their bubbly Rosé because it’s perfect for celebrations without the hangover the next day. (See tip no. 2) Want to give them a try? Use code JOIKNOWSHOW for 15% off of your first bottle!

Tip: I’m not here to tell you to stop drinking, but I am here to tell you that having hangover-free weekends has been a beautiful self-care practice for me as a newbie entrepreneur.

If you’re ready to ditch the hangover fog, I recommend trying out Surely alcohol-free wines (don’t forget to use code JOIKNOWSHOW for 15% off!) so that you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself of your nightly indulgence.


Newbie Entrepreneur self-Care Tip no. 4:

Stay Connected with Family and Friends


The beginning stages of entrepreneurship are all-consuming. Even if you’re not working long hours (which you probably are), you’re almost always thinking about how to build your dream business. 

When work is all that’s on your mind, it can become increasingly difficult to relate to family and friends.

Hence the loneliness of newbie entrepreneurship.

Sure, you’ve got your online biz besties, and your Insta-fam cheering you on, but that doesn’t replace having a circle of loved ones in your life who are going to be there for you whether your business gets off the ground or not.

Self care tips for new creative entrepreneurs, vision board, multi-passionate, joi knows how, D'Ana Joi
I used to operate under the assumption that my family and friends wouldn’t “get it” or that they’d doubt my ideas. As a result, I shut them out instead of letting them in.

What shifted this for me was my launch party for my Finally Focused e-book

Launching my first e-book was a really big deal for me. Instead of just posting it as a link in my Instagram bio and using it as a marketing tool, I also invited my family and friends.

My aunts came, my mom was there, and my father and cousin both watched the replay. It was so beautiful to let them into my world as a creative entrepreneur! They learned about why I decided to write an e-book about focus for multi-passionates, which crystals to use for Focus, and so much more at the launch party.


As a newbie entrepreneur, your business can take over your life. These are 6 self-care tips will keep you centered and grounded.


Afterwards, my aunt purchased the e-book and proceeded to print out 6 copies on her job’s laser printer. She emailed them to me to say how proud she was. The next time I called my grandpa he said “I saw you wrote a book! I like that! I’m so proud of you baby.”

Having the support of family is not something that I take lightly, and I wouldn’t be able to experience that support without making the choice to invite them into my world as an entrepreneur.

On another note, I’ve found it to be refreshing to be able to hang out with my friends and not have to think about business at all!

When my best friend and I get together, I want to hear about her life, talk about what we’re both into lately (usually yummy vegan recipes), and create new memories. Sure, I might mention what I’m working on from time to time, but it’s so great to not have that be the center of attention sometimes.

Tip: Stay in touch with your friends and family as a newbie entrepreneur. They may not understand everything you’re doing, but that’s okay. And hanging with friends who are not your biz besties may be just the thing you need to keep you grounded.


Newbie Entrepreneur self-Care Tip no. 5:

Embrace Project Management


This one is for all my multi-passionates. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur myself, I had a fair amount of resistance to embracing structure. I finally had all my days to myself! Wasn’t part of the point to wake up whenever I wanted to just flow through my day? No. It turns out, that’s not the point at all.

When you’re first starting out as an entrepreneur (especially a multi-passionate entrepreneur) you may still be feeling the sting of being tied down to a day job, but that’s not a reason to throw away all the valuable skills you learned there!

elf care tips for new creative entrepreneurs, vision board, multi-passionate, joi knows how, D'Ana Joi

As soon as this clicked for me, I started to infuse the skills I learned as a Project Manager at a fast-paced startup into my own day-to-day routines as an entrepreneur.

This meant breaking my projects into sprints, using project management software to track my progress and leaning on those shiny resume skills of delegation and management experience, once I hired my VA.

The results of adding project management to the structure of my business were immediate.

I started to complete projects with ease! I wrote my e-book in one week, and later turned my Project Management skills into a course for creatives called The Project Planning Power Pack, in just two weeks. 

Tip: Embracing project management as a newbie entrepreneur will set you up for success. If you’re not sure where to start, my Project Planning Power Pack course is a great resource. It covers project management basics as well as how to manage multiple projects, without the overwhelm.


Newbie Entrepreneur self-Care Tip no. 6:

Make Time for Pleasure


I’ve saved the best for last. If you’re shy about talking about self-pleasure, that’s okay, because the overall point here is to make time for pleasure in general. As a newbie entrepreneur, the amount of stress you’re navigating on a daily basis can feel intense. I have personally struggled with anxiety and depression, and am on a continuous journey of caring for myself and my mental health.

Something that has been helping me is self-pleasure. When I pleasure myself, I’m spending time being intimate with my own body. It gives me a feeling of peace and is an act of love towards myself.

Self care tips for new creative entrepreneurs, celebrate yourself, multi-passioante, joi knows how, D'Ana Joi

And if you’re wondering, my pleasure toy of choice is the OhMyC by Ioba Toys. It’s gentle, effective, and super quiet which helps me feel even more comfortable during my pleasure sessions. (Get 30% off your own Ioba toy when you use code JOIKNOWSHOW at checkout!)

In addition, studies show that orgasms release oxytocin which is the chemical in our brains that makes us feel those warm fuzzy feelings. Still not impressed, sexual release is also proven to reduce stress. And my personal fave, using the peak moment of an orgasm can as a portal of manifestation.

Tip: Make time for pleasure. If personal pleasure in a sexual way isn’t your thing, then find another form of pleasure to intentionally engage in. The point is to balance out the stress of being a new entrepreneur with the pleasure of being alive. Trust me, it really keeps things in perspective. 

I hope you enjoyed these 6 self-care tips for new entrepreneurs! If you did, save it to your Pinterest, share it with a friend, or post a screenshot on Instagram and tag me!



Self care tips for new creative entrepreneurs, celebrate yourself, multi-passioante, joi knows how, D'Ana Joi


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