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3 Secret Benefits of Finishing What You Start (as a multi-passionate)

December 3, 2021

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As a multi-passionate, finishing what you start is a big freaking deal. I recently wrapped up the first cohort of my group coaching program and opened up applications for the second (and final) group. As I sent out the closing email to my clients, I couldn’t help but think: Wow. Not only did each of them grow in their own ways, but I’ve grown too. I’m not the same person I was when I started this project, because the process of moving it through to completion has brought forward a wealth of self-knowledge.


Finishing what you start is more than a dopamine hit or a “See! Told ya I could do it!” moment. Do you struggle with finishing what you start as a multi-passionate? It could be because you don’t know these 3 secret benefits.

3 Secret Benefits of Finishing What You Start (as a multi-passionate)

Do you struggle with finishing what you start as a multi-passionate? It could be because you don't know these 3 secret benefits...


1. Making the Energetic Investment Up Front

The commitment to create what I call a “Season of Focus” around a particular outcome (launch, re-brand, new offer) isn’t something that happened overnight:
  • You worked your way up to a place where you felt okay with dedicating yourself to that project. Again, this is a big deal for multi-passionates.
  • There’s a fear that your other passions might get left behind.
  • You’re worried that you’ll want to bail before you reach the finish line. (This was me for YEARS.)
  • You wonder how you can bring more of your creativity to the table so you don’t get bored.
All of these considerations are activating you energetically before you’ve even begun. Sometimes you might even feel exhausted BEFORE you’ve begun because of the energy you’re using to make that first investment of your time, attention and commitment. You’re likely ignoring the potency of this stage, but it absolutely helps you grow as a multi-passionate. That brings me to the next secret benefit of finishing what you start.

2. Accelerated Personal Growth


Another secret benefit to finishing what you start is the massive personal growth that you’ll experience through every stage of the process.

You know who you are during the initial rush of starting something new, but who are you when nobody is signing up and you’ve got to refine your messaging while still showing up confidently?

Who are you when tech issues happen on the day of your first masterclass?

Who are you when everything is going almost *too* smoothly?

Finishing what you start will reveal parts of yourself that you may not have met otherwise. As you move through the various stages of a project, you learn about your energetic bandwidth, likes, loves, hell no’s, and so much more. This is huge.

Try this: Become intentional about mapping your personal growth throughout the various stages of completing your project by keeping a record. You could do this by journaling, documenting your process on social media, creating a blog series, or talking it out on your podcast. Being able to look back and reflect on what you moved through during each phase will provide evidence of the accelerated personal growth that finishing what you start provides.

3. Making Peace with Maintenance


Another secret benefit to finishing what you start, especially as a multi-passionate is making peace with maintenance. Maintaining what you create isn’t the sexiest topic, but it’s what’s required to begin building a loyal community of people who know they can count on you to deliver results!

This goes BEYOND “showing up consistently on social media.” Finishing what you start means that you’ve delivered a transformation for your community/clients/audience and in order to do that you’ve had to make peace with the maintenance phase. Something as simple as sending out a recap email each week or fulfilling your promise to hold a certain number of coaching calls is what I’m talking about when I say “maintenance.”

It might not sound like a big deal, but this is what matters to your people.

the secret benefits of finishing what you start as a multi passionate, joi knows how, creative entrepreneur
Finishing what you start is the quickest way to create unshakable trust not only for your community but also trust in yourself to follow through.
When you consider these 3 secret benefits of finishing what you start, you can see why it’s something to lean into as a part of your creative expression. But since we like to keep it real around here, let’s dig into a few challenges that might be holding you back.

3 Things Getting in the Way of Finishing What You Start


1. Not knowing what to start with in the first place


Tell me if you can relate:

You’ve taken several courses, worked with a few coaches, and have all the tools you need to get started and yet- something is holding you back.

Maybe it’s feeling like you don’t have an audience large enough to put in the effort of showing up and sharing.

Maybe it’s the mind-bending imposter syndrome that’s shaming you out of taking action.
Or, maybe it’s that you’re multi-passionate and you don’t know WHICH project to start with. If you’re in this boat then I would suggest grabbing the Multi-Passionate Mastery Bundle! It has 6 self-paced trainings including one all about Idea Fatigue that can definitely support you with knowing which project to start with.
Overcome idea fatigue, finish what you start, and learn to leverage your talents as a multi-passionate with the multi-passionate mastery content bundle

2. Not having support and accountability through each phase


Free Facebook groups are cute, but that’s not where you’re going to find support from someone who understands the unique challenges that you face as a multi-passionate. Chances are if you’re crowdsourcing from large groups, you’re getting advice from someone who is a millisecond away from pitching their service.

Investing in support and accountability from someone who GETS you (even when that investment feels scary AF) is what will accelerate your growth.

For example, I could have joined a free Facebook group for newbie podcasters, but I knew that in order to have high-quality, customized support, I needed a coach that I vibe’d with to work directly with me. So, I made the investment even though it felt scary AF at the time. The result? (Spoiler alert!) My podcast is now set to launch in less than a month!

Don’t underestimate the return on your investment when you find someone you truly want to work with. Game changer is an understatement.

If you’re looking for a coach who understands you, consider applying for my group coaching experience for multi-passionates! Check this page to see if we’re currently accepting applications.


3. Giving up because you’re not seeing results fast enough


This. is. Me. I operate under the premise that the minute I update a sales page for my program, the clients will come flooding in.
Nah. It takes a combination of being passionate about what you’re offering, knowing it can provide a transformation, and being willing to sound like a broken record in your head so that people outside of your head can remember that you’ve got something they can benefit from.

Finishing what you stat will involve embracing this repetition, and back to my previous point, having someone to hold you accountable for sharing your offerings (and cheering you on along the way) can work wonders.

Try this: Put a sticky note on your desk that says “Talk about (your current project) at least 3x a week” and then stick to it. That could mean 3 social posts, 3 conversations with your ideal client, or a combination of both.

What you do isn’t as important as starting to be comfortable with repetition.


Let’s Recap


Finishing what you start has these 3 secret benefits:

1. Making an energetic Investment

2. Accelerated Personal Growth

3. Making Peace with Maintenance

And there’s more where that come from! I want for you to experience the life-changing art of finishing what you start without getting stuck in decision fatigue and procrastination loops. That’s why I’m adding a brand new workshop to the Multi-Passionate Mastery Bundle called… “How to Finish What You Start as a Multi-Passionate!” Get access to the class as well as a curated set of self-paced trainings, downloadable content vault, AND access to all future updates by grabbing the bundle right here.

LIVE WORKSHOP! How to Finish What You Start as a Multi-Passionate Only available inside the MULTI-PASSIONATE MASTERY BUNDLE


Do you struggle with finishing what you start as a multi-passionate? It could be because you don't know these 3 secret benefits...

Do you struggle with finishing what you start as a multi-passionate? It could be because you don't know these 3 secret benefits...



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