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The Mindset Shift that Transformed my Relationship with Focus

September 9, 2021

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How often have you found yourself feeling frustrated when it comes to your relationship with focus? I feel you over there cringing, and I totally get it. I’ll never get back the years I spent on a spiral of shame from not being able to focus as a multi-passionate, but what if I told you that one simple mindset shift changed my relationship with focus and that you can make this simple shift too?


The Mindset Shift that Transformed My Relationship with Focus as a Multi-Passionate


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First, let’s identify the problem: If focus doesn’t come naturally to us, we make ourselves wrong.

When we struggle with follow-through, we make ourselves wrong. We said we were going to have something done only to get stuck in a procrastination loop, and we torture ourselves over it. Such is the tortured relationship between multi-passionates, and Focus.

To be totally honest, I never thought I’d become an expert on the topic of how to find focus as a multi-passionate. I was too busy falling victim to these same false beliefs.

It’s when I threw my hands up and said: “What the f*ck?! How can I get better at this?!” that my personal revolution with Focus (as an energy source) began.

Here’s How I Shifted my Mindset around Focus

  • First, I started observing my patterns and realized that often my lack of “focus” was actually a lack of priorities.
  • Then, I observed my workflow and realized that Focus took on different meanings based on the outcome I desired.
  • And most importantly, I stopped shaming myself. I stopped making myself wrong.

That’s what enabled me to craft a nourishing, supportive, and empowering relationship with Focus. And it’s what gives me the confidence to share this powerful mindset refresh with you:

Your desire to focus itself is very meaningful. (Even if you haven’t figured it out yet.)

  • Even if focus doesn’t come naturally for you as a creative, your desire to focus means you’re connected to your purpose.
  • Still struggling to finish what you start? That doesn’t take away from the fact that your desire to focus means you care about putting impactful work into the world.
  • And here’s the part I wish I knew earlier in my multi-passionate journey: Your desire to focus is an opportunity to work with your creative nature, not against it.

If you want to learn more about what your personal approach to focus is, take my free Focus Style Quiz! You’ll get a customized Focus Style guide with your quiz results that will help you work with your focus style, instead of against it.


Remember this when it comes to your Focus Mindset


You haven’t been doing anything wrong, and Focus is not the enemy of your dreams. In fact, it’ll be your silent champion once you understand how to craft your unique relationship with it. I wish someone had shared this with me when I was finding my footing as a multi-passionate.

More than anything though, it’s my wish that you won’t have to spend another moment feeling like lack of focus is the one thing holding you back from sharing your most impactful work with the world (or getting your day-to-day tasks completed!).

Today could be the day that your relationship with focus as multi-passionate changes, forever. All it takes is focusing less on your lack of focus and more on your desire TO focus. That’s the mindset shift that will change everything

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Ps. If you’re ready to take your relationship with Focus to the next level, check out my Finally Focused e-book. It teaches my 3-part Focus Framework that will show you how to gain clarity around your priorities, execute your tasks with ease, and be productive without dealing with the backlash of burnout. Plus, you’ll gain access to a product portal with bonus trainings, and a bonus chapter. Grab your copy here and let’s get focused. 


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