8 Spotify Playlists to Help You Stay Focused


8 Spotify Playlists Every Creative Needs for Increased Focus

February 6, 2020

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Ah, focus. That thing we all need from time to time that often feels out of reach. I don’t know about you, but when I need to zone in, the first thing I do is reach for my headphones and turn on a Spotify focus playlist.

Studies have shown that tuning into music (especially with headphones on to block out outside noise) increases our ability to focus in and stay on task.

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8 Playlists Every Creative Needs for Increased Focus

Here are 8 Spotify playlists that will help you feel focused AF, including one I created myself!

Grab your headphones, and enjoy. (click the images to access each playlist).

8 Spotify Playlists for Creatives to Boost Focus

Classical melodic tunes to inspire instant focus.


8 Spotify Playlists for Creatives to Boost Focus

If you don’t mind music with lyrics, this is a great option for you.


8 Spotify Playlists for Creatives to Boost Focus

This is my go-to! A perfect blend of upbeat and mellow tunes.

Psst! These are my fave headphones. I don’t go a day without them!

They block out outside noise and have amazing sound quality at a low price:

(Click image for Amazon pricing)
Okay, back to the playlists.

8 Spotify Playlists for Creatives to Boost FocusHeadphones are a must to get the full effect of the binaural beats which pans from left to right to influence your neurological patterns. Cool right?!


8 Spotify Playlists to Listen to When You Need to Focus

The title speaks for itself. Nothing to add, lol.


8 Spotify Playlists for Creatives to Boost Focus

If you like a little drum and bass with your focus playlist, this is the one for you.


8 Spotify Playlists to Listen to When You Need to Focus

This one had me hooked from the first track! Can’t get enough.


Intensive Focus Playlist by Joi Knows How

I saved the best for last. This playlist was curated for my Finally Focused e-book readers.

I add new mellow tunes for focus as I come across them.  Be sure to check back often!

8 Spotify Playlists for Creative Focus

I hope you’ll return to this blog post anytime you need to tune out, zone in, and focus. Be sure to share this post with a friend and save to Pinterest for later. Thanks for reading and happy focusing!






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