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Multi-Passionate Creatives on the Rise ft. Jenna Strang

February 5, 2019

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What does success look like as a multi-passionate creative? Can we really lead our ideal lives while pursuing more than one passion? Is it possible to sustain our energy even with full-time jobs, side hustles, and passion projects?

I believe that all of the above are not only possible but fully attainable.

Multi-passionate creatives are willing to take the “road less traveled” by honoring their many creative outlets instead of choosing just one.

In this new interview series, Multi-Passionate Creatives on the Rise, I’m dedicated to showcasing solopreneurs, side hustlers, and business owners who’ve achieved success (whatever that looks like for them) while pursuing multiple ventures.

Multi-Passionate Creatives on the Rise ft. Jenna Strang

Multi-Passionate Creatives on the Rise ft. Jenna Strang

For our first interview, I’m excited to introduce Jenna Strang. Jenna is a Social Media Marketer, Brand Strategist, Blogger, Empowerment Advocate, and Certified Makeup Artist/Skincare Specialist.

In short, she’s a multi-passionate creative who’s crafted her ideal life while honoring various passions. Swoon!

Jenna, it seems like you’ve reached a point where your passions have become your career path. Where are you along your entrepreneurial journey now?

Thanks, Joi! I have been a solely female-owned business entrepreneur for 20+ years and have been very blessed both in business and life. These days my greatest passion is to lead other women on their paths to beauty, empowerment and building their empires.

That’s wonderful, it’s important to use our platforms to inspire others. Have you always had multiple passions?

Yes! I’ve always had many things that sparked a fire in me and interests that evolved into passions. Once you start following those interests and find the incredible places they lead you it is difficult to NOT continue to do so. Life is an adventure, and I want to experience (and encourage others to experience) as much as I possibly can!

Meet Jenna Strang, a multi-passionate creative on the rise!

So well said. I’m right there with you about following your interests and seeing where they lead. What would you say is your favorite thing about being multi-passionate?

Having multiple passions is very much like having multiple streams of income. It prevents burnout, gives you something to fall back on and keeps things in a growth pattern. There have been situations where I’m unable to continue pursuing something I loved for one reason or another, but I was never lost because I had other creative outlets I love to keep me fired up and moving forward.

“Having multiple passions prevents burnout, gives you something to fall back on and keeps things in a growth pattern.”

You know, I’ve never thought about that way before! You’re absolutely right. There isn’t a whole lot of room for boredom when you have passions waiting in the wings. What would you say is your biggest challenge when it comes to being multi-passionate?

TIME MANAGEMENT! I’ve had to learn how to schedule my days so that I’m able to give attention to all of my “loves”. I also had to learn that it’s not necessary to follow EVERY passion (lol!). Sometimes I have to prioritize what’s most important to me and let others go (or at least put them on a list as a future possibility).

You are speaking my language, Jenna! So often people mistake being multi-passionate with “doing all the things.” There is so much freedom in realizing that we get to choose what we pursue and what we don’t.

Multi-Passionate Creative on the Rise ft. Jenna Strang

I would love to know, who do you look up to creatively?

Maya Angelou. She is both inspiring and empowering, and proof that you can do not just anything but everything. She sang, danced, acted, wrote, cooked, spoke…and she was wonderful at all of them.

Ah, so good. Talk about a multi-passionate role model!

Okay, last question: What would be the most exciting email you get in your inbox right now?

I have been privileged to speak at several events but have yet to be asked to speak at a Women’s Empowerment Conference. It is something I have on my Vision Board and will be thrilled when it manifests!

I’m going to hold that vision for you, Jenna. You’re definitely an inspiration and proof that we can achieve success as while pursuing more than one passion.

Thanks so much for having me, Joi! Love what you’re doing for the multi-passionate community.

Thank you so much for being a part of my Multi-passionate Creatives on the Rise series, Jenna. Where can we find you?

  • You can find me at my blog:
  • FB:
  • IG:
  • Twitter:
  • Linked In:

Isn’t it refreshing to hear that it’s possible to be both a makeup artist and social media manager while empowering other women along the way? Or that you don’t have to pursue each and every interest that shows up in your experience?

I hope you enjoyed Jenna’s interview as much as I did. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I look forward to sharing more multi-passionate journeys as this series continues.

Ps. If you’re wondering how you can gain more focus and overcome being overwhelmed by having so many creative passions, join my FREE live Creative Abundance Masterclass on Sat, Feb. 9th at 11:00am PST! Click HERE to register!

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A series dedicated to proving that you CAN have success while pursuing multiple ventures.

Multi-Passionate Creatives on the Rise!



Until next time, thanks for reading.

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