Sunday Serenades: A live concert series on Instagram.

January 22, 2018

Hey, I'm Joi!
I'm a multi-passionate educator, mentor, and creator who believes having many talents is a gift, not a burden. I love crystals, houseplants, and my rescue pup, Chai. More about me.
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I’ve always been a woman of many passions, a “Jill-of-all-trades,” if you will. My struggle with having so many creative outlets has been my inability to hone in on one of them and go all the way. I always felt like being told to choose “one thing” meant I was sacrificing one part of myself at the expense of another. Then, one day I decided that I shouldn’t have to choose—and thus, my blog was born.  I vowed to make my blog a safe space to express ALL the forms of my creativity. From cooking tips to crafts, to plant care, general life advice, recipes, and essay writing. I’ve done it all with great success. However, there has been one element missing up until now… my music.

IMG_8157Musical expression has been such a huge part of my life, and yet, it’s been something that I’ve kept to myself, unsure of how to share this particular gift with the world. Then, I got an idea to start doing live performances called “Sunday Serenade Series ” over on my Instagram. Every Sunday at 5:00pm (L.A. time), I choose a song to sing to anyone who decides to tune in. It’s such a fun, interactive, and creative way to share my music. I’m so thankful that after years of uncertainty, I have finally found an outlet that is so unique and personal to my journey.


Screen Capture of my Live Sunday Serenade Session

Follow me on Instagram to catch the next live set! And in the meantime, you can watch Sessions 1 and 2 right here, via YouTube.

If you enjoy my videos, please feel free to share it with a friend, or two! 🙂

Thank you as always for your support. More new posts to come very soon.


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