How to know which project to start with first (and set yourself up for success with following through)


How to know which project to start with first (and set yourself up for success with following through)

December 29, 2021

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When it comes to finishing what you start as a multi-passionate, the hardest part is often knowing which project to start with in the first place. With so many options and ideas to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to consider them all.

This simple process will support you in choosing which project to start with and creating a process to set yourself up for success with following through.

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How to Know Which Project to Start With


I always say, clarity first, action second and this is no exception. The first thing you’re going to do is create an environment that can allow you to think clearly without any interruptions. I love using an Intensive Focus Session to do this.


Tip: Learn more about Intensive Focus in Episode 3 of the Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast.


Once you have your environment set up to support your focus, you’ll follow these steps:


1. List out the current priorities you have in your business.

For example, your list might say: Create and share content consistently, showing up on video more often, focusing less on product creation and more on marketing current products, growing my audience, and so on.

Note: If you have NO CLUE what your priorities in business should be, then it might be time to hire a business coach to support you.


2. Choose one priority to dedicate a Season of Focus to.

A season of Focus is a 90-Day period that you dedicate to a specific outcome or goal.

Something to remember when you’re choosing what your Season of Focus is going to be dedicated to is that it doesn’t mean that the rest of your priorities won’t have their time to shine! By dedicating this time to focus on your main priority, you’ll also be creating massive clarity and eliminating the decision fatigue that’s holding you back from taking action.

Tip: Get my full Season of Focus training and 90-Day Focus Planner inside the Multi-Passionate Mastery Bundle.


3. List out the projects you want to pursue.

Now that you’ve chosen which of your priorities to create a season of focus around, you’re going to create another list. This time, list out all of the projects you want to pursue.

For example, your list might say: Start an email list, launch a podcast, collaborate with other brands, hire an assistant, write an eBook, and so on.


4. Choose which project to start with.

Next, look at your list of projects and choose which one lends itself most easily to the Season of Focus priority that you’ve set. If you start to feel a little anxious here, breathe and trust that each of your projects will have their moment!

Reminder: Choosing to focus on one project to start with is not going to hinder your creativity; it’s going to enhance it. So go ahead and cross reference your list, pairing one of your projects with your Season of Focus priority.


Here’s an example

It’s a Monday morning, and I’ve set aside the first few hours of my workday to dedicate to an Intensive Focus Session. During my session, I wrote out a list of the current priorities that I have in my business and after taking some time to reflect, I realize that the most important thing for me to focus on at this time is marketing the digital products that I have created.

Next, I’ve made a list of all the projects on my mind and after cross referencing I can see that launching a podcast is most aligned with my priority of creating a consistent marketing strategy for my business.

I have now decided that I’ll be creating a Season of Focus dedicated to launching my podcast. That project will be my main priority for the next 90-Days. I’ll use my 90-Day Focus Planner to stay on track! (Grab yours when you get the Multi-Passionate Mastery Bundle.)


Setting Yourself up For Success with Following Through


Congrats, my love! You’ve chosen your Season of Focus goal and know which project you’re going to start with. I’m so proud of you! We’re not done yet though. Here’s the second part of the process. It’s super important not to skip this! Ready? Let’s keep going.

5. Feel all your feels

On a fresh sheet of paper, write down everything that comes up for you after choosing which project to start with first. Do this stream of conscious style and don’t hold back. For example, after choosing to launch a podcast I might write:

  • This whole process feels really overwhelming
  • I don’t understand the tech side of podcasting
  • Do I even have the time to pull this off?
  • How can I make sure this leads to generating more income?
  • What if my voice sounds terrible?
  • What if nobody listens?


6. Take a break!

You’ve just moved through a very powerful process of choosing your Season of Focus priority, aligning that priority with a project to pursue and identifying the self-doubts that arise as a result. Now, it’s time to give yourself a break. 20-30 minutes is perfect. To enhance this break, get up and seek out a change of scenery. This can be literal (go for a walk) or more symbolic (change your clothes).

7. Create solutions.

After your break, you’re going to return to your list of fears/self-doubts with your “solution hat” on. Look at each of the things you listed and write a suggestion next to it as if you were giving advice to a close friend or your favorite client.

For example:

This whole process feels really overwhelming
All new projects are overwhelming at first. This is completely normal!

I don’t understand the tech side of podcasting
I bet there is a podcast course you can take to learn all of this in bite-sized pieces.

Do I even have the time to pull this off?
You can create the time by staying true to your Season of Focus and structuring your schedule to support your priorities.

How can I make sure this leads to generating more income?
Great question! Let’s keep this top of mind as we plan out the episodes.

What if my voice sounds terrible?
Focus more on WHAT you have to say and less on how you’ll sound saying it ’cause that’s what actually matters.

What if nobody listens!
If you create a plan to promote the launch, people will listen! Even if it’s just a few people at first, that number will grow over time. You got this.


Why this process works


This process works because instead of playing these doubts and fears over and over in your mind and not taking any action as a result, (1) you’ve gotten them out of your head and (2) you’ve created a plan for how to address them from a place of love and acceptance.

As a multi-passionate (or multipotentialite or a highly creative person), one of the reasons you’re resisting choosing what to start with is because of all the limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome that show up in the moments that follow.

By adopting this process, you’re not only choosing what to start with, but you’re creating a plan that will set you up for success with following through.

When looked at through this lens, your self-doubts aren’t just negative self-talk; they’re clues about investments you can make that may support you (hiring a coach, dusting off a course that you never actually took, or bringing in support). You’re also seeing potential roadblocks that may come up and cause you to procrastinate.

So, if you do find yourself procrastinating, you can return to your list and remember to stay solution-oriented.


Let’s Recap! How to know which project to start with first (and set yourself up for success with following through)


  1. Make a list of your priorities in business. 
  2. Choose one priority to dedicate a Season of Focus to. 
  3. Make a list of the various projects you want to pursue. 
  4. Choose the project that aligns most with your Season of Focus priority. 
  5. Write down all the self-doubts that come up after you make that choice. 
  6. Take a break and change up the environment. 
  7. Return to your list of self-doubts and create a solution for each of them.

Ps. If you found this process helpful, then you’re going to LOVE my Finish What You Start Workshop! We talk about how to stay engaged with your project even after the excitement wears off, how to love yourself through imposter syndrome, and so much more. Grab the replay of that workshop inside of the Multi-Passionate Mastery Bundle!



How to know which project to start with first (and set yourself up for success with following through)


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